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Meet My Personal Reporter

Miss Sybil Scribly, reporter from Nitwit National News, came to the apartment to interview me. I liked her at once and promised to talk with her often.  She is seriously interested in the progress of the sales of Mabel’s Way.  I thought you might enjoy eavesdropping on part of the interview.

Her title startled me.  “Insider Tells All”

Reporter:  Mrs. Hopkins, why did you write Mabel’s Way?

Hopkins:  I had a neighbor who forced me to write it.

Reporter:  Why did he do that?

Hopkins: He was too lazy to do it himself–but he offered suggestions along the way.

Reporter:  How did he force you?  With a gun?

Hopkins: No.  The gun came later.  At first he just drove me crazy telling me to write the book.

Reporter:  Who is Mabel?

Hopkins:  Mabel Johnson was a resident we all loved and I based my character on her.

Reporter:  Why?

Hopkins:  Because she was smarter than I am and I knew she would be able to handle the villains in this book.

Reporter:  There are villains at Windsor Point?

Hopkins:  I didn’t say that.

Reporter:  But you said –

Hopkins: My book is about Dogwood Glenn.

Reporter:  Where can I buy a copy?  Often an author gives me a copy.

Hopkins:  Well, I have one that got rained on at our Spring Fling.

Reporter:  That will do.  Did you mention coffee?  I smell it.


Miss Scribly drank three cups and finished off the cake I made for my husband’s birthday.



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