What I missed in Mabel’s Way

I had not expected the reception my book is getting at Windsor Point.  Some residents like it; others are mum about it – but most of the residents are reading it.

“Did you mean to spell my name wrong?” one friend asked.

“I had forgotten about that incident,” another remarks.  The most frequently asked question is, “Who is——?” “I’ll not tell,” I reply.

But what hurts me –  really annoys me – is the great stories I missed. My writing buddy from Germany calls to me.  “I read your book through and I am not in it.” I heard the disappointment in his voice.

Tall, handsome in his navy photographs, Frank Kornprobst is 96 and shares the experience most of our men did.  He fought in the big war.  When he first moved here with his sick wife, several residents refused to sit with the former Nazi. (No matter that as a teenager, he was forced to join.) Slowly, quietly, Frank won them over and now, each evening, I see him dine with other former naval officers.  It doesn’t matter that they fought each other. They have put the war behind them.  This is a tremendous example of maturity in old age.   


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One thought on “What I missed in Mabel’s Way

  1. Jill Spivey

    Lila, I was glad to know about your web page! Thanks for the note today & I think you need to start gathering stories for the next novel about our community & try to include those you missed. Actually, you could never include all the stories that we have here! We have too many wonderful residents who have lived interesting lives to be able to capture it all. I do think you have done a great job in Mabel’s Way, though!

    Keep up the great work!

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